The name YEHLEX comes from a Taiwan. It is the trade name of the YEH family from Kaohsiung, who are major manufacturers of tennis, squash, badminton and golf equipment. A lasting memory of our first visit to their factory was the thousands and thousands of Boris Becker tennis rackets - Boris had just won Wimbledon for the very first time. The factory had received an order for over 60,000 rackets!

Yehlex (UK)

Yehlex (UK) was founded in 1985 by its present owner, Ian Little. Ian was disillusioned with life as a Financial and Commercial director of a medium sized construction company and was eager for a new challenge. His passionate love for the sport of Badminton proved to be the key to founding what has become one of the UK's most successful Badminton specialist retailers and wholesalers.

The rackets

In the beginning Yehlex had only four rackets in their range, of which only one was carbon graphite. Nowadays we have a total of twenty-four rackets in our range of which eighteen are of carbon graphite construction. We market under five different brand names – YEHLEX, FLEET, HI-QUA, LANXIANG and PRO-TECH - how things have changed!

The shuttlecock

Shuttlecocks have always been a major part of our business. During the past twenty five years we have witnessed many changes to production and testing techniques. Indeed, the factory which produces our Yehlex brand shuttlecocks, actually uses digital photography linked to a computer to grade all of the cut feathers to ensure consistency of flight and speed, along with maximum durability.

Everything else

Yehlex are now able to offer the complete badminton package - Stringing Machines from Exthree, a great selection of strings, shoes, grips, bags, and a fantastic range of clothing to suit every player. Indeed, Yehlex can supply everything from a badminton keyring to a portable court.

Yehlex share the success they have achieved by sponsoring a series of Yehlex Badminton Bonanzas, Badminton England’s Inter County Championships 2009/10 & 2010/11, Badminton England’s Schools and Youth Board tournaments since 2000/01, Badminton England's National Veterans' and I.C.C. Veterans' tournaments, international players and coaches, and numerous other county and local events. Our way of saying thanks to you for shopping with us.

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